A re-design simply put, is using the homeowners own furnishings and bringing in art, accessories, plants and rugs to compliment the property and give it a fresh appearance. This can be an effective way to stage when the budget for staging is low, or when the furnishings on site are in good condition and work […]


What is a re-design?

In a word “No” In a word “No” Playing it safe when looking to design or redesign your living space is boring and unimaginative. Your home should be a reflection of you, and not some random space that lacks personality. One of my favourite designer’s is Red Barrinuevo. Why? He never fails to deliver. I […]


When designing, is it better to be safe?

I recently visited a new client. Like with any new client, I was guided through their home, room by room, taking in the home’s features, square footage and storage space. I must confess, the home was stunning. It sat on a tree lined street in a fabulous neighbourhood and had more rooms and storage space […]

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My Realtor and Staging Professional Say Clean Up!

In a word “Yes” When a realtor takes on a commercial real estate listing, they have all the same concerns as they would for any residential property. Having said that, there are a few differences. When staging a residential property, we are appealing to potential buyers looking to live in the property or use the […]


Is Staging a Commercial Space Necessary?

When we think about interior design, our first thought is usually to source out magazines, watch HGTV or browse the internet. But for a designer, their thoughts turn to the 7 elements of design, Space, Line, Form, Light, Colour, Texture and Pattern. Each one of these 7 elements plays an important role in how a […]


The Principles and Elements of Interior Design

TIME It’s not hard to understand that if everything in our home has a place, it makes it easier to locate. How many times have you tried to find that charger, permission slip or document, to no avail. We spend a great deal of our time trying to find things in our home that should […]


Why should we organize our life and living space?

I’ve always been the type of person that if something of importance needs repaired or sold, I look to a professional. So, recently when I had an issue with my car, I took it to a professional mechanic. Likewise, when I’ve sold my properties over the years, I hired a realtor.  Now, I know some […]


Should my stager be certified?

Spring is probably my favourite time of year. After being cooped up in our homes all winter, we are finally able to go outside and enjoy the warmer weather. But wait a minute, what about spring cleaning? Ok, lets step back indoors and clear out the clutter and chaos of winter. A few quick tips to get through your annual spring cleaning will make things a bit easier and get you back outdoors.


Spring has Sprung….So Now What?

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Contemporary design has modern elements to it but will often pull from other design styles. It is a design that is forever changing, so contemporary today will not be contemporary 10 or 20 years from now.


What is Contemporary Design?

Contemporary Home Interior Design - A Plant Sitting on A Sofa Table with a Abstract Painting in the Background

Most people looking to invest in real estate have done their homework and understand the property value in a given neighbourhood. They recognize what the average price per square footage is in many of the properties around the city. Armed with this knowledge, your agent wants your property to stand out against its competition. That is why a consultation with a professional stager is key.


So, You’ve Decided To Sell Your Property… What’s Next?

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