In a word “No” In a word “No” Playing it safe when looking to design or redesign your living space is boring and unimaginative. Your home should be a reflection of you, and not some random space that lacks personality. One of my favourite designer’s is Red Barrinuevo. Why? He never fails to deliver. I […]


When designing, is it better to be safe?

When we think about interior design, our first thought is usually to source out magazines, watch HGTV or browse the internet. But for a designer, their thoughts turn to the 7 elements of design, Space, Line, Form, Light, Colour, Texture and Pattern. Each one of these 7 elements plays an important role in how a […]


The Principles and Elements of Interior Design

Contemporary design has modern elements to it but will often pull from other design styles. It is a design that is forever changing, so contemporary today will not be contemporary 10 or 20 years from now.


What is Contemporary Design?

Contemporary Home Interior Design - A Plant Sitting on A Sofa Table with a Abstract Painting in the Background

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